Getting Your PPS number

The Irish PPS number (Personal Public Service) is a per person, unique combination of  numbers and letter/s that allow you to use: social welfare services, pay tax when you are self-employed or an employee, use public service and information and use the public health services in the Republic of Ireland. As well as that, when you wish to issue an Irish driving licence, you need your PPS number to be able to register for the theory test and for the practical driving test.

If you are born in Ireland, you get your PPS number automatically by post after your parents or guardians registered your birth, but if you relocated to Ireland from an EU country or from outside of the EU you will need to get your PPS number issued. 


Issuing a PPS number is currently done by a face to face interview in which you will need to supply various documents to prove your eligibility. You will need to schedule an appointment in the nearest by PPS number allocation centre..

To be eligible for a PPS number you will need to prove that it is required for a transaction with a specific approved body..

On the day of your PPS number appointment you will need to bring documentary evidence of identity and address in Ireland. The application form for below 18 years of age and over is different so you will need to make sure that if appointments are scheduled for various members of the family, you have filled in the relevant document for each member and that you have an appointment booked for all. To see the complete list of documents required click here..

Many Israeli’s do not have an EU passport which means that they need to make an appointment in the PPS allocation centre nearest to them and bring a contract of employment or a letter from college if they are students, they need to provide a proof of address as well as bringing in their passport more documents may be required

The time it takes to get the PPS number following the meeting varies per person and it may also depend if the officer handling your application, will need to get more information / documentation from you regarding the application. However, advertises an approximate time of 4-5 working days following your appointment.

Adv. Mattan Lass

Managing director of Ireland Israel Business, Mattan is triple-qualified as a Solicitor in Ireland and England & Wales, as well as an Attorney (Israel).

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