Ireland is among the best locations in Europe to set up and run an international business

  • Ireland’s tax and corporate-friendly regime has made it a magnet for foreign investment

  • A world leader for innovation in the high-tech, pharma and life sciences sectors

  • The European HQ for leading Israeli companies, including Teva, Wix, Amdocs and Payoneer 

  • Irish company incorporation is relatively simple: see our guide for incorporating and managing a company in Ireland

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We help Israeli companies and entrepreneurs do business in Ireland

Adv. Mattan Lass specialises in helping Israeli companies set up in Ireland and can advise on Irish company incorporation

Establishing a limited company in Ireland – the incorporation process involves 4 main steps:

  1. The company promoters must fill out an application for incorporating a company in Ireland
  2. After receiving the application and we are satisfied with the identification documents of the founders, we will handle the incorporation of the company with the authorities in Ireland.
  3. The company will be established after a few days, allowing the founders to apply for a corporate bank account (if desired).
  4. An Irish tax number for the company will be received after a few weeks and with the help of a local accountant.

Irish Resident Director Services

  • The Board of an Irish company must appoint at least one director who is ordinarily resident in – though not necessarily a citizen of – the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • If the company does not have any EEA-resident directors, it must file a bond with the Companies Registration Office.
  • Ireland Israel Business can provide our clients with Irish resident director services. Our partners have many years of management experience in leading companies in Ireland, with a focus on professional excellence that supports the successful management of our clients in Ireland.

Examples of Israeli companies that have already discovered Ireland:

Israeli firm buys majority stake in Irish engineering contractor BMD & Company

Israeli company Meptagon has bought a majority stake in Irish engineering contractor BMD & Company which could have been worth about €7 million on the basis of figures in the Irish firm’s accounts.
לחץ כאן opens customer support centre in Dublin

Israeli web development company Wix. com has opened a customer support centre in Dublin, employing 100 people.
לחץ כאן

Irish Government Investment Fund Backs Israeli Smart Farming Startup CropX

CropX uses soil sensors to optimize crop yields. It received $0.5 million to launch a yield optimization pilot in Ireland
לחץ כאן