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“The support provided by Mattan and Ireland Israel Business was key in convincing Wix to choose Dublin for our newest European office location. Mattan’s extensive network of senior contacts in Irish business and government were invaluable in launching a successful Irish operation. I wholeheartedly recommend his services”

Boaz Inbal, GM – Innovation Centres, Wix

אייקון גרשיים

“Mattan and Ireland Israel Business formed a crucial part of our team soon after Pango decided on establishing an operation in Ireland. Mattan has plenty of experience in advising Israeli companies in Ireland and it was a pleasure to finally work with an Irish-based lawyer who understands how Israeli businesses operate and what they are looking for. He was knowledgeable, trustworthy, friendly and very passionate about promoting our European business. We were delighted that he joined us as director of our Irish company”.

Eyal Nouri, VP International Business Development – Pango Pay & Go

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“Mattan has been our company’s senior consultant in Ireland for around 3 years. His interpersonal and communication skills together with his knowledge & experience have created a productive working relationship not only with me and my team but also with our counter partners, regardless of the issue involved, legal, finance, customer relationship and also finance. His analytical skills & ability to diagnose issues and devise viable solutions without allowing pressure to influence his method and work is really very rare. He is a real-valued asset for us and I believe this will be the case with every client or person engaging with Mattan”

Sam Samson, CEO – DSV-IMS Israel

אייקון גרשיים

“Mattan Lass brings a 10X multiplier to our business in terms of networking and connecting us with the most effective professionals in Dublin, advising us on the business atmosphere and regulations within Ireland and also joining and representing us in business meetings. Not only does Mattan know everything and everyone in the Irish market but also the fact that he is an Israeli who speaks and thinks the same way we do makes this relationship much more successful and efficient. Mattan brings so much value to our business and we are super grateful for that. Highly recommended!”

Dor Ganor, founder – Fourleaf Investments

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